“I’m on the ‘No-Call List’. Who gave you this number?”

Who’s the funniest person you remember while you were growing up? I could list a few candidates, but there was a guy named Chuck Brimmage that I’d probably put at the top.

"Don't kid yourself, Judge. You're a tremendous slouch"

“Don’t kid yourself, Judge. You’re a tremendous slouch”

I spent 6 years between junior high and into college caddying at Cherry Hills Country Club outside Denver. Chuck was one of those guys that never had to try to get a laugh. The guy had loads of charisma and a quirky take on things.

For example, most of us would jockey for the best tipping members and opt to carry two bags so we could maximize our pay. Not Chuck. Although more than capable of carrying two bags, he’d think about things like the weather or the personality of the golfer.

So on a warm day, he’d say to the Caddymaster “Y’all are crazy. Just give me one bag today. It’s too damn hot to be carrying two.”

Or there was an older member, Chet Latcham, that Chuck got on with particularly well whom he liked to call “Cheddar”…to his face.  “Give me Cheddar. I feel like walking and talking today.”

Chuck had personality in spades. I’ll bet he’s making co-workers laugh to this day.

I recently heard a woman named Becky Springer speak. What an inspiration. Nearly six years ago she contracted a virus that almost killed her and caused her to lose parts of all four limbs. I’m happy to report she’s doing well as she and her husband raise three daughters.

Making and maintaining relationships is one of the primary goals of Dads' Bucket List

Making and maintaining relationships is one of the primary goals of Dads’ Bucket List

She made reference in her speech (4:00 mark of this video) about connecting with old friends that you haven’t talked to in over 5 years. It was one of the many things she said that hit home with me.

We’ve probably all got several names we could put on that old list of friends that needs to have the dust knocked off.

Making and maintaining connections with friends is one of the reasons we started Dads’ Bucket List. We wanted to give ourselves a reason to get together while doing something unique and fun with our kids on a regular basis. 

Hopefully, as we do these larger events there will be more old and new friends that get into the mix.

Maybe I should reconnect with an old teammate from 1977 (I'm Top R - 6th from Left)

Maybe I should reconnect with an old teammate from 1977 (I’m Top R – 6th from Left)

So, as I write this I’ve decided to challenge myself.  I plan to reach out to one of those friends that I haven’t spoken to in over five years. I’m not talking about a two sentence greeting on Facebook, but an actual conversation. 

So, what do you say? You up for the same challenge?

Go. See. Be. Do. 

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Husband and dad to two boys who's always trying to enjoy the humor and meaning in the journey of fatherhood. Check out how things are going at: http://dadsbucketlist.com In addition to these responsibilities I'm also an avid (some would say obsessive) sports fan, very amateur gardener, aging but still active runner, and an always willing to experience a new country traveler.
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5 Responses to “I’m on the ‘No-Call List’. Who gave you this number?”

  1. Cool idea. I hope you have success reaching out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nicely worded, and a wonderful idea! I am on board; starting tomorrow to contact old friends before Thanksgiving.

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