“Remember to Smile When You Eat Them”

I’ve been following the World Cup pretty closely over the last month.  Aside from the diving, faking injury and hearing Americans who use Euro vernacular when discussing the game, it’s been a lot of fun to watch.

The Dads’ Bucket List crew was ready to hit the parade trail

The Dads’ Bucket List crew was ready to hit the parade trail

The thing I like the most is how it connects communities. I enjoy seeing the TV images of public gatherings around the world to view the games. The energy of these crowds is awesome to watch.

Although we didn’t stage a global soccer tournament, Dads’ Bucket List has been busy this summer connecting with our community in a couple of unique ways.

First up was our decision to reprise our role in the Dunwoody 4th of July parade.  We knew it would be a great opportunity to begin to get the word out about our October “Checklist Challenge” event.

As far as the float, we really wanted to go with a theme from the movie Old School, but somehow “streaking through the quad” didn’t seem to fit the wholesome theme of a community parade.

A couple little leaders of our merry band

A couple little leaders of our merry band

We settled on a “Bucket List” approach and then pumped some tunes that covered parts of the last 4 decades.  Based on the crowd’s cheers and their dance moves along with the perma-smiles on our kids’ faces, I think we struck the right chords.

The weekend following the parade, we were able to get another posse together to harvest pears from a tree and donate them to a hunger mission where some folks in need were lined up to receive their monthly food supplies.

Another good haul of pears (and no OSHA violations to report)

Another good haul of pears (and no OSHA violations to report)

In order to harvest the pears, we had one dad climb the tree to shake the branches while other dads and kids (in protective helmets) stood below with a tarp to catch and sort the fallen projectiles.

When we took them to the hunger mission, our kids wanted to stick around to hand them out.  Each person that came through the line received a bag of pears from our kids along with a friendly suggestion to “remember to smile when you eat them”.

Helping others - a good start to a Saturday!

Helping others – a good start to a Saturday!

I’m guessing that one or two of the folks heeded their advice.

So far, our activities haven’t been able to have quite the reach of an event like the World Cup.  But in our small way, they furthered the Dads’ Bucket List mission to deliver unique shared experiences…one community at a time.

Go. See. Be. Do.

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About Matt Boettcher - Dads' Bucket List

Husband and dad to two boys who's always trying to enjoy the humor and meaning in the journey of fatherhood. Check out how things are going at: http://dadsbucketlist.com In addition to these responsibilities I'm also an avid (some would say obsessive) sports fan, very amateur gardener, aging but still active runner, and an always willing to experience a new country traveler.
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