Original Bucket List

Original List of Possible Experiences:

  • Horseback Riding (or better yet Bull Riding)
  • Be extras in a movie (heck, let’s get nominated for an Oscar!)
  • Build a garden for someone
  • Learn how to make a pizza from scratch
  • Go skiing
  • Build a bench (out of wood that you cut instead of one from Ikea)
  • Play a round of golf (at Augusta.  Do they allow 20somes for groups?)
  • Harvest a crop and drive one of those awesome combines
  • Volunteer at a food bank and see how others less fortunate get by
  • Play a game of flag football (with an ex-NFL player)
  • Take BP at a Major League ball park
  • Ride a bike down a mountain (beats riding one up)
  • Play a game of hockey (on the street and the ice)
  • Go on a long group run (and help raise money for a worthy cause)
  • Go fishing (and catch some kind of man eater)
  • Tour a TV station and try our hand at delivering the news (or an opinion)
  • Climb a mountain (that rhymes with Neverest)
  • Try orienteering (whatever it is)
  • Go spelunking (we all know what that is)
  • Take an art class
  • Watch a movie outside under the stars
  • Go camping (and return with all members accounted for)
  • Rock climbing
  • Swim with some type of fish that is bigger than you
  • Play a pick-up basketball game with an ex-Pro
  • Visit a foreign country
  • Learn to speak a new language (like Vulcan, directly from Spock)
  • Sit in the owner’s box at a professional sports game
  • Give our kids as many experiences as we can

So what do you say?  Go. See. Be. Do.


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