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“Let’s grab a beer sometime.” It’s a staple saying among guys.  A common phrase between me and friends.  We use it often to wrap up conversations.   It conveys our connection, but obligates us to nothing.  Because really, who wants to add … Continue reading


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Lead Me, Follow Me, or Get Out of My Way

My two boys were playing in the empty lot next door with some of the younger neighbor kids.  They were doing things like exploring, throwing rocks and gathering sticks to build things.  As I’m standing in my driveway talking to … Continue reading

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If only James Bond were my dad

The latest outing of the Dads’ Bucket List involved 16 of us taking our first trip out-of-state to do some skiing and other winter activities in Cataloochee, NC. When you visualize pulling into a ski resort, I’m sure like me, you picture a James … Continue reading

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