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Who Said You Could Drink That?

I’ve been trying to work off the lazy days of summer by getting my boys up early a couple of mornings each week to run at the local track.  I’d love to tell you they greet those days with enthusiasm, … Continue reading

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Admit It. We Know You Did It!

Lately, I’ve found myself talking more frequently to my boys about personal accountability.  You know, things like owning their mistakes and taking responsibility for their actions.  I’ll admit, my efforts getting through to them are having mixed results. Consider this … Continue reading


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Why do they say ‘Heads Up’ when I say ‘Duck!’?

I’m often amazed at how people can see the same thing very differently.  Consider for a minute the difference in perspective between parent and child. Just the other day I said to my boys, “You guys don’t eat enough fruits and … Continue reading

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“Oh Come On, Admit It. You Use Facebook Too!”

It’s not something I’m necessarily proud of, but I’ll admit I use Bragbook. I mean Facebook. It’s a gas to stay connected with “friends” from different phases of life. Even those I never actually met. The site always delivers essential … Continue reading

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